Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender

Hi friends, its been awhile again. I am truly trying to grow (and have been growing YAY! ) my YouTube channel. What a fun place it is to share there, its Craft-O-Maniac in movement HA! Anyway, I’m bringing you my first Christmas DIY, A-Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender. I was on Pottary Barn the […]

Chalk Painted Turquoise Side Table

  Compensation was provided by Ace Hardware via Mode Media.   I don’t think I have mentioned just how much I love Ace Hardware. Before I moved more to the city, I lived in a smaller town and I loved visiting the Ace Hardware there too. I mean, hello, free popcorn, home decor, home-improvement items, […]

DIY Spray Painted Boys Desk

Compensation was provided by Ace Hardware via Mode Media. Hi all, It has been so fun continuing this on-going series with Ace Hardware, in updating my home and/or furniture pieces. With that said, today I am excited to share a super easy facelift, upcycle, DIY, whatever you want to label it. The bottom line is […]

Patriotic 4th of July Decor

Hello friends, I can’t believe the 4th is next Monday, and even crazier we are already half way through this year. I know! I know, no reminders. wink! I love 4th of July, its such an iconic holiday being that it’s the “All American” holiday. Nothing says I am an American like a BBQ, watermelon, […]

Family Room Paint Color and Gallery Wall

Compensation was provided by Ace Hardware via Mode Media. Hi, friends. Today I am sharing the latest project in my transformation series with Ace Hardware: a fun, colorful painted wall with a gallery feature.I have to say, it has been loads of fun painting walls in our new (new to me) house and making it […]

A world full of so much hate!

  I guess what inspired me to write this post was the recent sadness that has happened to so many innocent lives in Florida latley. More specifically thinking about the little boy and the alligator. That horrific insident made me then think of all the controversy that was all over social media with the gorilla […]