I’m Such a Mean Mom!

I once read many years ago (I don’t remember where I read it or by who?) a quote, that read “Mean moms raise good kids!” and I’ve decided I’m Such a Mean Mom then. wink. No’ honestly my kids aren’t perfect, but what kid is? Mine have their tiffs, occasional sass mouths, have been caught in a […]

CHARLIE CHARLIE is Not a Charming Game!

Disclosure: These are all my thoughts and opinons, as we are all entitled to our own. wink.  Hello everyone, today is not a colorful, happy, creative, diy, decor or recipe post. Its in fact nothing that I would normally talk about here on COM, as I always want COM to be filled with inspiration. That […]

OurPact| A Great Parental Control IOS App

Do your kids (like mine, being honest here) “get away” with more then 2 hours of screen time a day? my children especially my oldest “13” tries to manipulate his time on the computer playing Mine Craft, most the time it works. Not because I’m a sucker, but because after chores and not having friends […]

5 Things all Kids Need From Their Parents

I am no doctor or psychiatrist, and I am by no means a perfect mom. I like to think of what my husband and I always say “Just do your very best!” and that really is all you can do. If your best, is trying all day not to raise your voice and stay patient.. […]

10 Lessons Mothers should Know!

Today I thought I would reach into my inner mommy self and share with you all   “10 Lessons Mother’s should Know!”  for starters… I am no perfect mother, so let me get that out there right off the bat. However, I have been a mommy now for 11 years, and I do have a home […]