15 Pumpkin Desserts

Pumpkin treats are an absolute must during fall. And you can make much more than the classic pumpkin pie too! This list has all kinds of different dessert recipes, all including pumpkin. Mmmm… Just try not to get the urge to go make one of these right after reading this post! They seriously all look […]

15 Neutral Kitchen Decor Ideas

With fall coming up around the corner, changing up the decor around the home gets tempting. It’s usually going from colorful, whimsical, and bright summer styles to more of a neutral, comfy, and warm fall and winter style. Even without the seasonal decor! And they say that the kitchen is the heart of the home […]

Rose Gold JORD Watch and Giveaway

You know when you see a piece of jewelry or in my case a “watch”, and you stop, stare, and perhaps drool a little? Well’ that is what I did when I saw this gorgeous wood rose gold JORD watch. I noticed them floating around instagram and then I was lucky enough to be offered […]

15 Printables to Keep You Organized this School Year

Back to School time is always so busy! It can be hard to stay organized. Especially because towards the beginning of the school year, the family is a little more focused on trying to re-adjust to a set schedule after a long (and hopefully fun and happy) summer break. And on top of that, trying […]

The Creative Collection Link Party

Now let’s check out some favorites from last weeks party:   Back to School Sugar Wafer Pencil Cookies | Shaken Together IKEA Hack Mid-Century Modern Kalax | Hawthorne and Main   Industrial Kids Bookshelf | Cherished Bliss Fresh Summer Corn Dip | Uncommon Designs Jen from Craft-O-Maniac Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow Marie from Blooming […]

15 Warm & Cozy Dinner Ideas

It’s getting close to that time of year where we all break out the slow cookers, turn on the oven, and try to stay warm and cozy in our homes. And is there anything better then coming in from the cold outdoors and sitting down to a nice, warm, and flavorful meal? Ahh… The best. […]

Home Tips for Maintaining your Electrical System

Today on COM it’s all about “Home Tips for Maintaining your Electrical System.” Image source here A well-maintained home electrical system is imperative because it not only ensures that your system lasts longer but also gives you a peace of mind knowing that your home is safe. Electricity can be highly dangerous, and it is […]

New mirror for my living room

Hello friends, how is everyone? Today I am sharing a beautiful mirror with you all.  I was pretty much speechless when I unwrapped this 971/3 x 37.5 inch mirror, it’s large and a stunner. It is also very beautiful in pictures but even more beautiful in person. I new when this stunner arrived that I had […]

18 Yummy Fall Bread Recipes

Fall and baking just go hand in hand, don’t they? And one of the best things about fall is all the delicious smells. Baked goods obviously contribute to that quite a bit… Especially breads. This is the ultimate fall baking roundup with 18 Yummy Fall Bread Recipes. You honestly couldn’t go wrong with any of […]

The Creative Collection Link Party

Now let’s check out some favorites from last weeks party: Dining Room Bookshelf Decor |  Cherished Bliss   Quinoa Pilaf | Cooking In Stilletos   DIY Tobacco Basket | Anderson and Grant  Chippy Glam Dresser | Lolly Jane  Jen from Craft-O-Maniac Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow Marie from Blooming Homestead Mariah from Giggles Galore Now […]

15 Gorgeous Fall Home Decor Ideas

  Fall is right around the corner and pretty much everything about it is amazing. The smells, the decor, the weather, the fashion… Yep. Everything. In this particular roundup, I am going to focus on the decor. There is just nothing quite like a house thats beautifully decked out for the fall season. These 15 […]

15 Industrial Home Decor Ideas

Industrial and Farmhouse style home decor can go flawlessly hand in hand. Mixing elements of both styles can provide an absolutely stunning result. A few days ago I shared 20 Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas & Projects and I thought today I would share a list of 15 Industrial Style Home Decor Ideas so you can […]